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Photo Service &
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Red Photo Service

If you would like a high resolution copy of any of the images on this site, simply
contact me, giving the title of the page and the number of the photo (if given).

Current Pricing:

€6/photo whatever the resolution.

Payable in advance via the secure PayPalsystem.

Please note that this rate is standard in the digital industry and only covers part of the cost of providing the picture.


About the photos on Freisk!:The photos displayed on this website were taken with different cameras and at different resolutions. The oldest photos are in format 2 MPixels (1600x1200) and 3.2 MPixels (20001500). The most recent photos are in 14 MPixels (4300x3200).

Please note that the images on this website are deliberately set to very low resolution and are not suitable for use in printed brochures.

Red Copyrights

The images and text on this website may be used freely. However, it is good form to include a reference to this website in your material.

*For individuals: Individuals may make personal use of the content of this website (such as for screen savers, reports, document decoration). Partial reproduction of this website on another Internet or intranet site is permitted in principle, but a reference such as "Photograph provided by Sébastien Rolland (Freisk!)" and a link ( must be included on each page using the material.

*Public bodies and universities: In principle I allow use of the content of this website by public bodies and universities, provided that reference is made to this website in the new material. Please notify me of use of any content for my personal records.

*Commercial use:Commercial use of material from Freisk! is permitted subject to written authorisation from site owner Sébastien Rolland. A usage fee may be requested from larger sites and for publications (commercial brochures, prospectuses, etc.). Any website is encouraged to and may freely link to any pages on

The Freisk! team reserves the right to ask you to stop using any content from this website without having to provide any reasons.



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